What are the Advantages of becoming a Member?

Access to New Markets
The GABC has strong relations and coalitions with local, regional and state government officials, agencies and institutions, Chambers of Commerce, the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce and the German Consulate. Through this database our Members can increase and strengthen their business activities.

Access to New Business Contacts
Established companies and professionals, as well as new starters, benefit from the GABC activities. Longstanding company owners attend our membership mixers regularly because they consider Networking with old and new contacts to be a very useful, economical and enjoyable method of maintaining their business visibility.
New companies or dynamic startup companies get support in building their business, can take advantage of reputable contacts and will receive the latest business information. Most of our members welcome the pleasant and casual atmospheres at our different events as GABC makes it easy to get together to “meet-new-people” and network with other Members. New Members frequently comment on how easy it was to “fit right in” and how comfortable and welcome they felt at their first GABC event.

Access to New Clients
Word-of-mouth-advertising is the most effective way to promote business and participation in the GABC provides contact with potential new customers. Why don’t you let the GABC Members recommend your business? Alternatively, if you are looking for a lawyer, a real estate broker or a banker, you will have more confidence in the recommendations, opinions and references of people you know.

Marketing on Your Own
Members have the opportunity to showcase their firms, companies or businesses to the entire GABC membership through low cost advertising in the GABC newsletter or on our website. You are free to develop and use your own ideas. Cooperation agreements with other chambers provide further opportunities for cross-marketing.

Access to New Business & Private Related Information
The GABC keeps you informed not only on the latest developments in the economy, tax matters, banking and legal issues, but also on other topics that might be relevant to the success of your personal and business related objectives. We provide information through our regular newsletter, diverse events such as Membership Mixers and Seminars, and Email. We regularly update our Members with the latest upcoming events. Members are frequently offered a free or reduced entrance. As a matter of fact, you are free to communicate your own ideas and your most favorite topics with other Members. We are interested in your opinions in an effort to meet our Members interests.

Annual Membership fee: $100