The German American Business Chamber of Southwest Florida (GABC) was founded in 2000 as a Florida non-profit association of businesspeople and professionals and promotes economic exchange between the State of Florida and the Federal Republic of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We act as a forum for new and established companies, as well as individuals.

Our Members can take advantage of this platform to exchange information, experiences and contact information in order to expand their own business related interests. Networking is one of the most valuable resources we offer that is utilized by our Members.

In addition, the GABC not only mediates, but also represents German interests on daily issues (i.e. visa, driver’s license). As a lobbyist for German citizens who live or work in Florida it is our goal to assist German individuals who desire to make Florida one of their homes. In order to introduce new members to business or private life in Florida GABC initiates or contributes to projects (e.g. Saturday school for Germans as a pilot project) and leads negotiations even on a political scale. GABC stays abreast of new laws affecting our Members and we strive to pass this information along to our Members in newsletters and GABC-sponsored seminars.
Southeast Florida Chapter
Michael Claus

100 N. Biscayne Blvd.
Suite 2100
Miami, FL 33132
Tel +1-305-371-4282
Fax +1-305-371-4380

Central Florida Chapter
Carl Christian Thier

200 S. Orange Ave.
Suite 2025
Orlando, Florida
Tel +1-407-245-8360

Germany Office
Henning Schwarzkopf

Caprivistrasse 33
22587 Hamburg, Germany
Tel (+49) (0)40 324333
Fax (+49) (0)40 324181